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Gay South Beach

Since the late 1980's, South Miami Beach (SoBe for short) has been a popular gay jet set destination. The mention of South Beach conjures up images of endless, sunny days at the beach, nonstop nights of partying at some of the hottest bars and clubs in the world, and a continuous flow of sexy men from all corners of the globe.

A lot on the "Billion Dollar Sandbar" has changed since those earlier days. Despite the changes, South Beach continues to reinvent itself, evolve and grow. The city has maintained its status as a premiere gay playground with full international appeal. The boys still flock to the beach for their fun in the sun. A quick weekend break from the northern winter chill. Reveling with scores of muscle boys and circuit boys at the world-renowned White Party in November. Returning in March for Winter Party, the biggest gay beach party in North America. Meeting new friends before or after the all-gay cruises that embark from the Port of Miami. And of course, the beach. If you've ever dreamed of Undergear catalog models coming to life in front of you, just spend a couple hours on the beach on any busy weekend. There are still plenty of opportunities to go out and dance the night away. South Beach offers a dozen or more bars and clubs including mainstays Twist, Score, Palace and Mova on the beach and an assortment of clubs in downtown Miami.

Let's not forget the availability of shopping and fine restaurants to round out the South Beach experience. On a stroll down Lincoln Road you will see many gays and lesbians eating, drinking, shopping, holding hands and enjoying the more laid-back side of life on South Beach. Ocean Drive and Collins Avenue provide additional shopping and dining experiences, with virtually every major retailer and an assortment of unique boutiques available to satisfy nearly every shopping whim.


The Gay Beach at 12th Street

12th Street Beach The gay beach is located at 12th Street and Ocean Drive. It is not too difficult to find, with the rainbow flags marking the territory between two chair rental spots. The gay beach is mostly a hangout for men, but you will also find lesbians and straights camping out here too. Rent a chair or umbrella from Boucher Brothers or lay a towel in the sand like the locals do.

Haulover Beach is Clothing Optional

If you prefer to sunbathe au natural, Haulover Beach Park offers one of the best nude beaches in the United States. The nude beach is located 11 miles north of South Beach, so you need consider transportation to and from the beach. A taxi ride will be expensive, but Route 120 Beach MAX on Miami-Dade public bus service from South Beach gives you a very inexpensive option. Check out this excellent resource for more detailed information.